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FBOpen helps small businesses search for opportunities to work with the U.S. government.

Welcome to FBOpen Docs

FBOpen is a search API of opportunities to work with the U.S. government.

About the FBOpen API

FBOpen is a thin, RESTful search API, hosted by the awesome api.data.gov, and backed by the search index server, Solr, soon to be updated to Elasticsearch. Visit our API documentation at 18f.github.io/fbopen/apidocs.

We have used this approach, which we named Beckley, as a model for other projects. Beckley, which is implemented in nodeJS and ExpressJS, is also available on GitHub.

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We Welcome Your Feedback

Please reach out to us with your feedback, questions, ideas, and concerns! Email us at fbopen@gsa.gov, tweet at @fbopen, or create a GitHub issue. We are very interested in your feedback about FBOpen AND FedBizOpps.