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The Communicart for Common Acquisition Platform

"P-Card holders deserve easy, modern, automated management of their shopping carts."

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Welcome to Communicart, an early-stage project to save taxpayer money by making government acquisition more efficient by empowering P-Card holders and GSA Advantage users to purchase as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Communicart Product (so far...)

We want to ease the communication around shopping carts by building a new object---a Communicart. The Communicart combines the features of a shopping cart with the ease of an informal email conversation to create a permament, searchable, archived record of why a a particular group of objects was purchased, and who approved the purchase.

In the future, we hope to make the Communicart the center of price research and other Market Intelligence.

To see what we have working today, you may wish to view this 10-minute video which walks through the features that we currently have implemented.

Our previous functionality, from our initial iteration, was described in this video.

We are building tools that work with Communicart. One example is the Cartmaker, which utilizes Communicart to trigger email approvals from various e-commerce websites.

Our Plans

We've been working on this project since Feburary, 2014. Our goal is to have a very minimal, but usable product, released by the end of April, and then to churn and burn---to produce improvements as rapidly as we possible.

Authors and Contributors

Communicart is being developed by the 18F Team and you, the users who give us feedback.

Support or Contact

The Communicart project is actively looking for Federal P-Card holders and other procurement professionals to join our Trusted Tester program. Under this program you will be part of a select group to gain first access to the Communicart and provide direct feedback to help us refine what the Communicart tool can do. Our first step will be participating in an 1-hour phone call to get acquainted and review the current tool. Over time you will be first in line to join our launch as a beta-tester for Communicart and other products 18F aims to launch in the future.

Contact us for volunteer information. (<>)

Also, please vote on our next feature in the survey below.

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