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Ensuring Discoverability - A Guide


An API producer must begin by ensuring that an API homepage is available on their website, complete with quality documentation. From there, though, the producer has a number of opportunities to help potentially interested developers discover the resource.

Initial Advertising

Add to the Agency’s Developer Hub

Include in the Agency’s Public Data Listing

Located at, the public data listing enables third parties to more easily discover an agency’s data offerings. This machine-readable file also populates the agency’s data listing on, so correctly-formatted inclusion of an API in the public data listing ensures that it is discoverable through

More details, including schema details and complete guidance for the maintenance of the public data listing is available at Project Open Data.

Register the API with API Catalogs

There are several, well-established API catalogs that many developers use to find new APIs with which to engage. By ensuring that up-to-date records for each of an agency’s APIs is available on at least the major catalogs, the API producer can drive greater awareness of the service and attract new developers. Major API catalogs include:

Engage with Developer Communities

Ensure SEO for the Developer Hub

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